Consultancy projects:

Title of Project Duration (Starting Date) Amount of Grant Sponsoring Agency Investigator(s)
Area Drainage Study for Proposed Tanda Super Thermal Power Project – II (2X660MW) in Uttar Pradesh 4 Months (May 2016)

Rs. Rs. 23.00 Lacs

NTPC A. K. Gosain and R. Khosa
Study on Establishing causes undermining the foundation of Chamravattam Barrage 4 Months (May 2016)

Rs. Rs. 57.50 Lacs

Irrigation Department (ISW) Government of Kerala A. K. Gosain and R.Khosa
Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for Manesar-Bawal Investment Region (MBIR) in Haryana One Year (Feb 2014)

Rs. Rs. 20.35 Lacs

CH2ML A. K. Gosain, R.Khosa and R.Maheswaran
Impact Of Thermal Power Projects On The Water Resources – Case Studies 4 Months (April 2013)

Rs. Rs. 5.00 Lacs

Greenpeace A. K. Gosain
Preperation of Master Plan of Drainage for NCT of Delhi One and half year (July 2012)

Rs. Rs. 80.00 Lacs

Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Govt. of Delhi A. K. Gosain, R.K.Khosa, B.R.Chahar, D.R.Kaushal and C.T.Dhanya
Water availability, demand and adaptation option assessment of the Ganges basin under climate change 22 months (Feb 2012) US$ 50,000 International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal A. K. Gosain
Rheology and other Bench Scale Testing of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash for Domestic and Blended Coal Ash Six months (Oct 2012)

Rs. Rs. 4.00 Lacs

Adani Infra (India) Ltd. Ahmedabad D.R.Kaushal and A.K.Gosain
Finite Element Analysis of Agra Water Supply Project and Vetting of Design Six months (Aug 2012)

Rs. Rs. 15.00 Lacs

NJS Consultants Co. Japan, Agra, UP J.T.Shahu, A.K.Gosain, R.Khosa and B.Manna
Revisiting Probable Maximum Flood Estimation and Flood Routing Study for Mullaperiyar Dam Six months (Sep 2012)

Rs. Rs. 8.00 Lacs

IDRB, Thiruanathapuram, Kerala A. K. Gosain and R.Khosa
Drainage Project for Sectors 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 and 79 NOIDA One and half year (May 2011)

Rs. Rs. 9.02 Lacs

New Okhala Industrial Development Authority A.K.Mittal and A.K.Gosain
Review of Feasibility Report and Independent Study for Water Source Selection for Chitrangi Thermal Power Project (9 X 660 MW) 3 Months (August 2011)

Rs. Rs. 15 Lacs

Reliance Power A. K. Gosain and R.Khosa
Drainge Study for Dahej Thermal Power Project (4 X 660 MW) 4 Months (July 2011)

Rs. Rs. 20 Lacs

Adani Power A. K. Gosain and R.Khosa
Water Balance Study of Vembanad Wetland System 12 Months (Oct 2010)

Rs. Rs. 65 Lacs

Irrigation Department (ISW) Government of Kerala A. K. Gosain, R.Khosa, B.R.Chahar and D.R.Kaushal
Striver- Strategy and methodology for improved IWRM- An integrated interdisplinary assessment in four twinning river Two months (June, 2008) 16020 Istiato di Ricerca Sulle Acque (IRSA) Italy A. K. Gosain

Probable Maximum Flood Estimation and Flood Routing studies for Mullaperiyar Dam

Three months
(Jan 2009)

Rs.10.00 lacs

Office of the Chief Engineer, Inter State Waters, Thiruanathapuram

A. K. Gosain

Climate Change Impact on the Hydrology of the eastern Himalayas Six months
(Jan 2009)

US $ 3000 ICIMOD, Nepal A. K. Gosain
Bihar FMIS project activity "Developer model for improved flood forecasting and predict inundation mapping (Package 21) Five months (Sept. 2007) Rs. 15.16 lacs Water Resource Department, Bihar A. K. Gosain
Georeferencing of Pan Data and Extraction of Features Four months
(Oct 2007)

Rs. 4.37 lacs NIC, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Mathematical Model Studies on River Sapta Kosi/Kosi for Navigation Six months
(Sep 2007)

Rs. 15.00 lacs RITES, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Preliminary evaluation and adaptation of a framework and range of tools for improving water governance Four months (Aug, 2007) Rs. 14.75 lacs   A. K. Gosain
SWAT/ADAPT modeling for integrated water Resource management in India Ten days (Aug, 2007) Rs. 6.11 lacs Indo-US science and technology forum A. K. Gosain
Verification of total area under actual cultivation and cropping pattern at east zone canal Kamla and Duugawati (Kundra) irrigation project by using Remote Sensing Four months (June 2007) Rs. 6.65 lacs Water and Land Management Institute Patna A.K. Gosain
Impact Assessment on the Water Quality, Quantity and Soils of the Chiturpuza and Mooltara Watersheds One Year
(May 2007)
Rs. 30.00 lacs Coca Cola India Ltd A. K. Gosain (PI) and A. K. Keshari
Modeling railway track alignment between Birganj and Kathmandu in Nepal Three weeks (Aug. 2006) Rs. 0.50 lacs Nepal A.K. Gosain
Participatory Development of a Preliminary WORLP Water Management Strategy One Year
(Feb 2006)
Rs. 38.20 lacs OWDM, Bubneshwar A. K. Gosain
Mapping of Surface Water Quality around the Discharge Site of Kahalgaon Project One Year
(March 2006)
Rs. 9.54 lacs NTPC, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Delineation of Thematic Layers One Year (Dec 2005) Rs. 18.56 lacs NIC, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Mathematical Model Studies of Expected Flood Level of River Yamuna after Construction of Jewar Tappal Marginal Bund Eight months (July 2005) Rs. 6.00 lacs UP Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh A. K. Gosain
Managemet of upper water catchments especially in dry forests in India with low base flows: Forestry and low flow spatial modeling and open GIS dissemination of science perception One year (April 2005) Rs. 10.92 lacs DFID, University at Newcastle Netherlands A. K. Gosain
Incorporation of SNOW17 snowmelt algorithm in SWAT2000 and SWAT2003 model One Year, (Sep. 2004) US $ 8,000 TAES, College Station, USA A. K. Gosain
Implementation of GIS activities for fostering adaptation of RCTs One Year (Oct 2004) Rs. 2.50 lacs RWC, CIMMYT India, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Numerical Modelling of the River Kaladan Six months June 2003 Rs. 3.00 lacs RITES, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Creation of GIS Facility at NTPC – Implementation Strategy. (Sep. 2002) Rs. 8.00 lacs NTPC Ltd. New Delhi A. K. Gosain
GIS Based Planning and Management System for Coffee Board. (Apr. 2002) Rs. 5.00 lacs Coffee Board, Bangalore A. K. Gosain
Assessment of Vulnerability and Adaptation for Water Sector One Year, (Apr. 2002) Rs. 12.00 lacs Winrock International India, New Delhi A. K. Gosain
Development of Fresh Water Lake at Flat Bay, Port Blair, A&N Islands. Eight months (July 2000) Rs. 2.5 lacs WAPCOS, New delhi A. K. Keshari (PI) and A. K. Gosain
Area Drainage Study for North Kanakpura STPP (3X660 MW) Six months June 2001 Rs. 5.00 lacs NTPC A. K. Gosain
Modelling for Predicting Water Availability. 3 months (Apr. 2001) Rs. 3.25 lacs M/S Coca Cola India A. K. Gosain (PI) and S. Mathur
Advice on Flood Analysis - Computations for one Basin in Japan. Two weeks (Mar. 2001) Rs. 0.25 lacs M/S R. M. Software India Pvt Ltd. A. K. Gosain
Preperation of Operation Plan for Rajasthan Water Resources Consolidation Project Six months (April 1999) Rs. 1.00 lacs Crux Consultants Pvt. Ltd < A.K. Gosain
Report on the Design of the Roof Drainage System at M/S New Holland Tractor Factory Site at Greater Noida Two Weeks, (Mar. 1999) Rs. 0.30 lacs Dalal Consultants and Engineers Ltd. A.K. Gosain (PI) and A. K. Keshari
Project Preparation on MIS Study for Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems in Rajasthan One month, (Feb. 1999) Rs. 0.15 lacs Crux Consultants Pvt. Ltd. A.K. Gosain
Inter-State & Water Resources - Decision Making Support System for Integrated Water Management in Irrigation and Command Area Development. Six months, (Oct. 1998) Rs. 4.50 lacs Irrigation and CAD Department, Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh A. K. Gosain
Sanitary Sewer Design for Growth Centre, Bawal. (Feb. 1997) Rs. 1.50 lacs HSIDC A.K. Gosain
Performance Evaluation of Pedal and Bullock Pumps and Its Integration with Low Cost Drip System One year, (Jan. 1996) Rs. 1.50 lacs International Development Enterprises, New Delhi A.K.Gosain(PI), B.P.Parida and R.Khosa
Hydrological Studies of Narmada Basin (preparation of project proposal) One week (Nov. 1995) Rs. 0.1 lacs Redecon (India)Pvt. Ltd. < A.K.Gosain(PI), B.P. Parida and R.Khosa
Reconstruction of Monthly Time Series of a River Basin for 1991-1992 Utilization Level at the Identified Sites of the River - Phase I, II, III, & IV Two and a half year, (1994) Rs. 4.5 lacs Water Resources Development Organisation, Karnataka. S. Chander (PI), A.K.Gosain and R. Khosa
Development of a Mathematical Model Incorporating Hydrometeorological and Hydrological Parameters Leading to the Computation of Trasimeno Lake Levels, Phase I, II and III Project One and a half year, (Dec.1992) 18 million Lire (Rs. 4.0 lacs). Institute of Hydraulics, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy. S. Chander (PI) and A.K. Gosain
Real Time Inflow Forecasting Models for the Reservoirs Created by Icha and Chandil Dams One year, (1991) Rs. 1.5 lacs. Metaplanners & Management Consultants, Patna S. Chander (PI) and A.K. Gosain
Channel Carrying Capacities Downstream of Damanganga and Karjan Projects in Gujrat Six months, (1989)   Water And Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd. P.Natarajan(PI), P.N.Kapoor, A.K.Gosain and B.P.Parida
Design of Water Supply Scheme of Surangani Township of Baira Siul Project (Hydroelectric Power Project) Six months, (June, 1988)   National Hydroelectric Power Corporation P.Natarajan(PI), P.N.Kapoor, B.P.Parida and A.K.Gosain
Tailing Dam II Project at Bacheli (M.P.), Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design Six months, (Jan., 1988)   National Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. Rema Devi (PI), P.N.Kapoor, P.Natarajan, A.K.Gosain and B.P. Parida
Continuous Water Balance Model for the Banchhor Tank (Minor Irrigation Scheme, M.P.) One year, (Oct., 1987)   Directorate of Dams and Hydrology, Bureau of Design, Bhopal. A.K.Gosain(PI), P.N.Kapoor, S.Chander and B.P. Parida
Evaluation of Effects of Soil Conservation Measures on Sedimentation and Hydrologic Regime of Ramganga Basin Phase I, II & III Three years, (March 1985)   Central Water Commission P.N.Kapoor (PI), S.Chander, P.Natarajan and A.K.Gosain
CADBAR (Computer Aided Design of Barrage) Software Package One year, (Sept., 1982)   Central Water Commission S. Chander (PI), P.Natarajan, P.N.Kapoor, A.K.Gosain and N.K. Garg
Flood Routing Studies Through River Yamuna, Kalanaur Delhi Reach One year, (Dec., 1981)   Central Water Commission S. Chander (PI), P.Natarajan, P.N.Kapoor, Rema Devi and A.K. Gosain
External Sewerage Scheme: Rising Mains from Sewerage Pumping Stations No. V and VI to Treatment Works for NOIDA Township Six months, (July, 1981)   U.P. Jal Nigam S. Chander (PI), P.Natarajan, P.N.Kapoor and A.K. Gosain
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