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 Digital Electronic Circuits


Tutorial 1,Number systems and basic operations[PDF]
Tutorial 2,Gates and Karnaugh maps[PDF]
Tutorial 3,Minimization[PDF]
Tutorial 4,Combinational Circuits[PDF]
Tutorial 5,Latches[PDF]
Tutorial 6,Flip-flops, sequential circuits[PDF]
Tutorial 7,Finite state machines[PDF]
Tutorial 8,HDL[PDF]
Noteson pipelining[PDF]
Noteson diode switching[PDF]

Past exams and their solutions

Minor 1, 2008[PDF]
Minor 1 Solutions, 2008[PDF]
Minor 2, 2008[PDF]
Minor 2 Solutions, 2008[PDF]
Quiz, 2008[PDF]
Quiz Solutions, 2008[PDF]
Major Exam, 2008[PDF]
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