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Lectures: Videos and Slides

DateNumberLectureVideoSlidesRaw Flash Video
28 Jul 2009:Lecture 1,Number systems[HTML][PDF][SWF]
29 Jul 2009:Lecture 2,Two's complement[HTML][PDF][SWF]
31 Jul 2009:Lecture 3,Addition, Subtraction[HTML][PDF][SWF]
4 Aug 2009:Lecture 4,Introduction to gates[HTML][PDF][SWF]
5 Aug 2009:Lecture 5,Boolean algebra[HTML][PDF][SWF]
7 Aug 2009:Lecture 6,Minterms, maxterms[HTML][PDF][SWF]
11 Aug 2009:Lecture 7,Minimization (2)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
12 Aug 2009:Lecture 8,Adders (1)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
18 Aug 2009:Lecture 9,Adders (2)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
19 Aug 2009:Lecture 10,Adders (3)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
21 Aug 2009:Lecture 11,Latches[HTML][PDF][SWF]
26 Aug 2009:Lecture 12,Muxs, demuxs, encoders, decoders[HTML][PDF][SWF]
1 Sep 2009:Lecture 13,Quine-McKluskey tabular method[HTML][PDF][SWF]
2 Sep 2009:Lecture 14,Quine McKluskey (2)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
8 Sep 2009:Lecture 15,Edge triggered flip-flops[HTML]**[PDF][SWF]**
9 Sep 2009:Lecture 16,Flip flops - varieties[HTML]** No PDF[SWF]**
11 Sep 2009:Lecture 17,Current state, next state[HTML][PDF][SWF]
15 Sep 2009:Lecture 18,Finite State Machines (1)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
18 Sep 2009:Lecture 19,Finite State Machines[HTML][PDF][SWF]
22 Sep 2009:Lecture 20,Finite State Machines (contd)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
23 Sep 2009:Lecture 21,Finite State Machines (contd)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
29 Sep 2009:Lecture 22,Mealy, Moore[HTML][PDF][SWF]
30 Sep 2009:Lecture 23,Mealy to Moore[HTML][PDF][SWF]
6 Oct 2009:Lecture 24,State reduction, memory (1)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
7 Oct 2009:Lecture 25,Memory (2)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
9 Oct 2009:Lecture 26,Error correction[HTML][PDF][SWF]
20 Oct 2009:Lecture 27,HDLs (1)*********
21 Oct 2009:Lecture 28,HDLs (2)[HTML][PDF][SWF]
23 Oct 2009:Lecture 29,Verilog, VHDL[HTML][PDF][SWF]
27 Oct 2009:Lecture 30,The MOSFET[HTML][PDF][SWF]
28 Oct 2009:Lecture 31,CMOS gates[HTML][PDF][SWF]
30 Oct 2009:Lecture 32,Other CMOS gates[HTML][PDF][SWF]
4 Nov 2009:Lecture 33,TTL gates[HTML][PDF][SWF]
6 Nov 2009:Lecture 34,Noise margin[HTML][PDF][SWF]
10 Nov 2009:Lecture 35,ADC definitions[HTML][PDF][SWF]
11 Nov 2009:Lecture 36,Quantization noise[HTML][PDF][SWF]
13 Nov 2009:Lecture 37,Flash memory basics[HTML][PDF][SWF]
17 Nov 2009:Lecture 38,General discussion*********
18 Nov 2009:Lecture 39,General discussion*********

** Technical glitch: no audio!
*** Chalk and blackboard class


The .pdf file has all the slides in it. You can download this if you want to view the material covered in class in the form of slides. The .swf file is a raw flash video. There is no player with it; use it for downloading and offline viewing.

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