MTL146: Combinatorics

Monsoon semester, 2021-22

Lectures by:
Prof. Minati De and Ashutosh Rai.

Time of the class:
Mondays and Thursdays 3:30pm to 4:50pm.

Office hours:
by email appointment.

Teaching assistants:
Satyam Singh:
Aakash Choudhary:

The course will be divided into two parts, and will roughly cover the following topics.

Part 1 (taught by Prof. Minati De): Basic counting techniques; principle of inclusion and exclusion; Projective and combinatorial geometries; Latin squares; Designs and Steiner Triple Systems.

Part 2 (taught by me): Recurrences and generating functions; Systems of Distinct Representatives & Hall’s theorem; Extremal Set theory, Ramsey theory.

Course Material:
These lecture notes can be followed for the most of the course. Sometimes the instructor(s) may refer to some other material, in which case they will mention that.

The course will be evaluated on a 100 point scale.
There will be one assignment and one test, which will each worth 15 points.
The minor and major will be worth 35 points each.
To pass or audit pass the course (i.e., to get a D grade), you need to have at least 30 points.