Robust Control (Jul. - Dec., 2019)

Time and Venue

Tuesday 4:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Friday 3:30 PM - 05:00 PM.

Venue: LH 620 (lecture hall complex)

Announcement: .


  • Preliminaries:- Norms: vector, matrix, signals and systems; Linear systems: controllability and stabilizability, observability and detectability, poles and zeros of transfer function matrix, LMI and Riccati equation.

  • Feedback interconnection & stability:- Well-posedness; Internal stability; Coprime factorization and stabilizing controllers.

  • Uncertainty and robustness:- Uncertainty representations; Uncertain polynomials; Boundary crossing theorem; Kharitonov's result; Edge thorem; Stability of polytope of polynomials; Sensitivity and complementary sensitivity; Linear fractional transformation (LFT), Robust stability.

  • H_2 and H_{infty} control:- H_2 and H_{infty} control problems and solutions.

Lecture Notes


  • Midterm - 1: 15%

  • Midterm - 2: 15%

  • End-semester: 40%

  • Mini-project: 30%

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